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John Njogu

Lead Consultant & Team leader

This is pretty much what I enjoy doing, only I love doing it to brands. I enjoy the whole process of putting small things into place so that your product can arrest the emotions of your target audience. It is how I like telling your story! Other than that, I enjoy long drives, walks, a good book and hot chocolate. I miss being young and walking around the village without shoes – I think Africans are the real heroes and that you will love our work. Nairobi Institute of Technology (NIT) alumnus.


Connie Nyawira

Content Creator & Marketing

When passion meets creativity, magic happens. I am a problem solver who is aesthetically inclined to divergent thinking. I am always open to new ideas which extends my thinking to developing solutions outside my cap of magic. I have playful intellect around the problems presented which prompts fun and impressive results. I am more than comfortable around amazing food, good music, healthy talks and a goal and open-minded team.

Denzel Kwanga

Graphic Designer

I am an out of the box creative with a hunger to learn and change the world a design at a time. I love life and would jump on opportunities to do something amazing with my life. I enjoy cooking, music and poetry concerts that draws creatives to one place. I believe an amazing social profile requires creative content, bright ideas and a pinch of marketing magic and that’s where I thrive and I do what I do. I also believe humor is the best medicine and try to put a smile in people through everything I do.

C.P.A Lydia Wambui

Finance & Administrator

I love being organized, this is because it helps me not look for things and also I believe having good finance system plays a huge role making sure money doesn't fall in the cracks and we save every coin. "Every organization rises and falls on leadership"

John Muiruri

Software Developer

Caroline Mwangi

Customer Relations and Administrator

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